“You give a smile, you get a smile.”

We are Linda Greco and Linda Harnois.


As educators, we know that young children learn best through reading lips and facial expressions. Visually being able to see a friendly face helps them gather clues and information.


Knowing that face coverings will have to be an essential part of returning back to schools, I (Linda G) got an idea to make a mask with a clear opening so my students can see my facial expressions, and vice versa. 

A few days later, an experience at a drive-through window set the idea in motion.

When the window server asked for the total amount and we couldn’t understand him with his face covering, we pulled out of the lot, looked at each other and said, "we have to do this".

Using fabric from a local store, we got to work on a design that included a clear vinyl cutout to see someone’s smile. After a few design attempts, we came up with the final design, specially treated so it won’t fog up. 

Our design is favored by teachers, daycare workers, and people with hearing impairments. A portion of the proceeds from the masks will be donated to local schools.

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